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IT security is a concept which every company needs to take very seriously. As threats continue to evolve within the digital world, it is essential that protocols be updated on a regular basis. What may have worked extremely well yesterday could no longer be a viable option today or tomorrow. Therefore, it is critical that only the most turnkey security solutions are provided. WebSec has over 80 years of combined experience in the subject of information security (Every colleague has at least 8 years of IT security experience in the field) and therefore, customers can expect only the most targeted methods based off of their discrete requirements. Superior security solutions, an appreciation of privacy and affordable prices are three hallmarks of the services that we are pleased to provide.

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Our Mission

Founded in 2016, WebSec intends to rise above and beyond similar firms. We aim to be:

• The supplier of choice to our customers.
• The customer of choice to our suppliers.
• The workplace of choice to our employees.

Through this synergy of customer care and functionality, we are able to offer second-to-none levels of reliability when it matters the most. We are also well aware that prompt and effective solutions to all cyber security needs are the concerns of any firm. Thus, we couple this unparalleled sense of professionalism with an ability to meet and exceed even the most demanding of requirements. The end result of this methodology is a strategic approach which is digital light years ahead of our competitors.

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Our Vision

We appreciate the fact that the world of digital forensics is evolving at a breakneck pace. So, our team of professionals employs only the latest of tools when developing a bespoke cyber security package to our growing customer base. Some of approaches that we embrace include (but may not necessarily be limited to):

• Social engineering
• Software security solutions
• VoIP and Operating System Encryption • Malware analysis/investigation
• Reverse engineering
• Network, software and website security audits (penetration tests)
• Clear and concise post-audit reporting

We are also pleased to be able to work with IT technologies such as SCADA and many others. All of these talents have enabled WebSec to supply strategic security solutions to companies of all sizes. Of course, the end result of this vision is to become the premiere supplier of cyber security services within our select market niche.

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Our Goals and Core Values

Not only will we able to offer only the most innovative IT security solutions, but we will do so with unheard-of levels of privacy. We do not ask for one's actual name or address, we will not cooperate with governments and we are the first IT security firm which accepts the Bitcoin as a form of payment. Secrecy is always a very real concern and we aim to foster a mutual sense of trust with each and every customer. This stance allows us to build a solid reputation while being able to supply truly targeted solutions when they are required the most. We take a great deal of pride in what we do. WebSec likewise encourages technical, individual and entrepreneurial creativity; all keys to longevity within this challenging field.

Ultimately, we intend to become the go-to provider for any and all IT security needs. Through diligence, transparency, accountability and a heightened sense of security, our firm supplies the most turnkey solutions when they are required the most. Please speak with us further to fully appreciate what our cyber security and digital forensics team may be able to offer your enterprise.