What is Code Review and Why is it Important?

Software development is a complex process that involves a chain of time-consuming, laborious tasks. One of the needs of programmers is to write correct codes, high in quality and conform with project design and relevant standards. 

Organizations and software development agencies institute proactive measures to ensure code quality and prevent potential problems to ensure things are done correctly. This is where code review comes in! Without it, buggy code is shipped, leading to a chain of undesirable outcomes, like frequent crashes, bad user experience, security challenges, etc. 

To avoid spending more than necessary on fixing bugs after releasing features and probably losing customers, a comprehensive code review (an integral part of the development process) is the way to go.  

What is a Code Review?

Code review is a type of quality assurance process aimed at ensuring that developers ship code of high quality by instituting well-planned assessments to spot and get rid of bugs. This helps developers to have their work reviewed and get a third-party opinion about their code. 

Typically, experts come together to assess code, thereby identifying mistakes and providing high-end perspectives on implementing things better.

What Do Code Reviewers Do?

It is a quality assurance process with the major purpose of ensuring neat and bug-free work. That said, here are the areas of focus of code reviewers:

Why Do You Need a Code Review?

Having covered what code review is and what code reviewers do, we will take a look at why code review is important and why you need to integrate it as part of your application development process. Here are the advantages of code review:

1. Security

Security experts in code review teams ensure that vulnerabilities are resolved and security best practices are kept; enabling security compliance across every stage of the software development lifecycle.

2. Early Discovery of Bugs

Making code review an integral part of your software development process enables your team to discover and fix bugs early. Instead of discovering bugs when a product is already in the hands of users, you can effortlessly avoid such troubles by being proactive with code review. 

Doing reviews at the early stages of development is better than waiting till the end of the development lifecycle. With unit tests, developers are able to fix problems easily since they can clearly remember code and solutions. 

On the other hand, fixing bugs at the end of the development lifecycle or when a product has been shipped is more expensive, labor-intensive, and technically demanding. In addition, discovering bugs when features have been shipped always comes at a cost. You could lose customers or make your brand less trustworthy. 

3. Sharing of Knowledge

Code review helps developers share knowledge. It provides the platform where senior and more experienced engineers help junior developers to learn and improve their skills.

4. Compliance Maintenance

It is difficult to maintain a given coding standard when a project involves many developers. The reason is that every developer may have a unique background and experience. As a result, it is difficult to adhere to a common coding style. You can get your team to comply with a chosen style. Conducting reviews on the go helps to spot and fix inconsistencies on time.

5. Better Collaboration

Code review brings teams together, enabling them to discuss how to improve code quality and get rid of potential problems.

How to Perform a Code Review

There are two major ways to perform a code review: with an in-house team of reviewers and outsourcing to a third-party professional code reviewing agency. Both are effective; however, outsourcing to a third party comes with some benefits you can not afford to miss. 

It is cost-effective and also gives you access to a team of experts that specialize in code review. A third-party reviewer brings a fresh and unbiased perspective when assessing code. You can ensure greater efficiency and expert input by working with an independent team.

Why Should You Choose WebSec for Your Code Review?

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Wrapping Up

Integrating code review with every stage of your development lifecycle will help you avoid troubles and build high-quality products. This will save you some avoidable expenses and stress that come with discovering bugs late in the software development lifecycle or after the product has been released. 

That said, you can rely on us to ensure maximum code quality and compliance with coding styles. Here at WebSec, we provide superior code review services by delivering unbeatable high-quality work at the best rates. Contact us now!