Top 10 Best Security Tools for Pentesting

Top 10 Best Tools for Pentesting

Cybercriminals continue to evolve and find new, sophisticated ways to wreak havoc, so cybersecurity professionals need to become smarter to stop them. Staying ahead of the malicious cyber actors requires top-notch security tools - capable of keeping modern attackers in check.

A penetration tester needs to use the best tools for inspecting, detecting, and mitigating attacks. There is a wide range of premium-grade tools you can use. Each of these tools is furnished with features that help it detect new forms of attacks. That said, finding the tools that suit your project can be challenging.

This article will cover the top 10 best pentesting tools for pros, including some of the tools we use for our day-to-day tasks. Do you want to be a thousand miles ahead of cybercriminals with an advanced pentesting toolset? Keep reading!

1. Nmap

Nmap (Network Mapper) is one of our leading auditing and network security testing tools. It has state-of-the-art features that enable network admins to take care of security inventory, execute service management, and properly perform host monitoring. Nmap is a flexible, open-source tool. It is ideal for performing network scans for small to large networks, helping pentesters get OS info, server info, ping sweeps, etc.

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2. Burp Suite Pro

This is the tool we use for pen-testing inventory. It offers scalable, automated scanning and enables you to secure your web infrastructure, integrate security with development, and free time for AppSec to get more done. Burp Suite Pro offers up to three products: Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, Burp Suite Professional, and Burp Suite Community Edition.

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3. Attackforge

Attackforge offers penetration testing workflow management and collaboration & productivity solutions for technology and security teams. The software helps you get things done faster and save time & money on managing projects. It makes workflow faster and more cost-effective by reducing vulnerability remediation times and shortening time-to-market.

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4. Kali Linux

This is one of the most advanced penetration testing distributions. The Kali Linux pentest platform features a wide range of tools and solutions, including data collation and reporting features. The software provides the capabilities security professionals need to assess the security of their systems.

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5. Cyver Core

Cyver Core is a pentest management platform that streamlines penetration testing workflows, client collaboration, report automation, project management, and pentest-as-a-Service delivery. This platform offers a range of cutting-edge tools your security team needs to get things done efficiently, faster, and with fewer resources.

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6. Wireshark

Wireshark enables network analyzers to have control over network activities. It helps security professionals to monitor network protocols effectively and with ease. It is marketed as the world’s best and most widely-used network protocol analyzer. This tool is commonly used across commercial enterprises, government agencies, and learning institutions.

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7. Metasploit

Metasploit is one of the leading pentesting frameworks you can use to check any network for security loopholes. The tool is marketed as the world’s most used penetration testing framework. Metasploit enables security teams to verify vulnerabilities, manage security evaluations, and enhance security awareness.

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8. Acunetix Manual Tools

Acunetix offers a free suite of manual pen testing tools. These set of top-notch manual tools consist of 8 modules, including HTTP Editor, Subdomain Scanner, Target Finder, Blind SQL Injector, HTTP Fuzzer, Authentication Tester, Web Services Editor, and HTTP Sniffer.

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9. Testssl.SH

This is a free command line tool that monitors a server’s service on any port for the support of TLS/SSL ciphers, and protocols - including some cryptographic challenges. The tool is reliable and 100% open source.

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10. Hashcat

This advanced password recovery tool can crack through over 90 algorithms, including DCC, MySQL, Cisco PIX, NTLM, and many others. It is the world’s fastest password cracker and the first and only in-kernel rule engine.

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Wrapping Up

The strength of your security team significantly depends on the penetration testing tools they use. Using the wrong tool could lead to undesirable outcomes, like security breaches and reputational damage. It goes without saying that any security team that wants to secure a digital environment effectively must invest in cutting-edge penetration testing tools and hire the best hands.

With the best security tools and experienced pentest experts, your organization will always be a thousand steps ahead of cybercriminals. Are you looking to hire the best penetration testers? Look no further than WebSec, a top-rated cyber security company with some years of experience.

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