The source code audit is an indispensable step when you consider the security of your software important. Wherever work is done, mistakes are made. This also applies to programming software, such as programs that may or may not be used online. It only takes a small vulnerability for a hacker to pose a huge risk to your business, or the customers who use your website, program or other form of code.

If you want to be sure that everything is secure regarding your source code, then you should have a source code audit performed.

What is a code review?

A code review or source code audit is a comprehensive security analysis of the application code. Its main goal is to detect unknown security vulnerabilities, risks and backdoors for the purpose of making your software code more cybersecurity resilient, secure and manageable.

Why is a source code audit so important?

Since cybercrime activity grows every year the source code audit becomes an indispensable step when you consider the security of your software, business, and clients.

According to statistics, each hour of code review saves 33 hours of maintenance. In the process of programming, huge amounts of code are usually processed. Therefore, chances that some code snippet may contain risks or vulnerability grow with each line of code.

Most code problems will be revealed during the test run of the software. However, some of them, which do not seem to affect any functionality of the code pose the greatest threat. These are the bugs you do not see during test runs or pentests and these are exactly the ones we will be hunting for.

Why choose WebSec for your code review?

Agility, Security and Quality. Those are our core attributes which we strive to apply in all our services. We are experts in the field of security. We offer a wide range of services. Whether a client needs a one-time source code audit for their project or is searching for a dedicated partner to review their code on a regular basis.

We can compose a custom offer for companies of any seizes and projects of any magnitude, for WebSec no project is too difficult or too large to handle! WebSec is an experienced security firm with a broad knowledge and practical experience that allows us to do more for your business. Our flexibility, drive and affordable prices plus accurate approach make us the right partner for securing your software and business.

At WebSec we do not limit our capabilities to a list of a common issue’s checklist however at WebSec we take code-review a step further by performing a comprehensive source code audit with a focus on discovering so called Zero-Days (Unknown vulnerabilities), we ensure that the entire code has been checked and that there are no security issues or risks to your business, your customers and your reputation! If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email, phone or online chat-