Ethical hacking is a test of your security and network

Any network linked to the internet or other system is vulnerable. We all know that, which is why we invest in security. For example anti-virus software, but also the use of a crisis team (Blue Team) to detect attacks immediately and foiling. Even if you have a smaller company, you have attention for security. Hackers are not always after sensitive information. In many cases it is breaking open a network enough, because attacks can be made from that network on other banks.

If you've never been attacked by hackers, all you know is how well the security works in theory. WebSec regularly notices that this is not the case enough is. The theory does not always take this into account resourceful and creative hackers. In other words, even when your security seems totally in order, can be a resourceful hacker likely to find hairline cracks. This may be more than enough to to gain access.

That's why ethical hackers exist. You instruct us to provide the test the security and stability of your network. We put that on our ethical hackers at work, who use ethical hacking to create a complete attack. Various tactics and ways to make it as real as possible.

How Does Ethical Hacking Benefit Your Business?

So your company's network is under attack in ethical hacking. On in what way does your company benefit from this? Actually it is fairly simple. When we hack ethically, we make sure that every step of the process is documented. That way you can do exactly see where the vulnerabilities lie in your security. We also show which ones strategies our hackers have used to gain access to your network.

That is not all. We also ensure that you have a clear report with an overview of the vulnerabilities and suggested solutions to work on this. We also draw up a list on the basis of urgency. The biggest problems can be that way easily identified, so you know immediately where you can go to start. Of course we are happy to help you with this.

Which companies is ethical hacking suitable for?

We regularly hear that ethical hacking is not suitable for entrepreneurs because they consider their business too small or are concerned about the term hacking. Let's start with the last: ethical hacking is particularly responsible. The hackers do not store data and do nothing with information they find. That is also impossible, because they are standing under contract. It is better that an ethical hacker can access himself then provides a malicious hacker to your network. That delivers namely problems.

Small businesses feel that they are not easily targeted hackers. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Hackers often target the smaller and medium-sized companies, precisely because they expect the security is not good there. In many cases they are not even looking for sensitive information or anything of value. Indeed, they use your network to attack larger companies and not to run any risk in doing so.

Not sure if ethical hacking is right for your business or would you like to go through the possibilities with us regarding ethical hacking and online security? Then contact us. We are happy to help you personally and always look with you to help find out what the best options are within your company and budget.