What exactly do we mean by offensive security?

For us, offensive security stands for testing security from software, websites, applications and networks as if we were malicious would be and want to harm. That can steal the be source code, crack security or steal personal information or finances. The offensive part is with that immediately clear; namely we attack the network, the application or the website to check the security status. Thereby you can think of many methods. For example the well-known penetration tests, periodic or partial tests or a complete red team approach in which we use all possible means to improve the security.

After we have finished the attack or testing at offensive security, we map the security weaknesses so that your team is exactly knows where the problems lie and where improvement is needed to improve the improve security. We work for a variety of companies where we arrange offensive security; from financial institutions to organizations and from software developers to government agencies.

Is offensive security dangerous or not?

In essence, offensive security itself is not dangerous. But then it must it is carried out by professionals who are especially reliable to be. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, you would like that the network, website or application just continues to work after the offensive security. An aggressive and malicious hacker does not; that is why it is good to enable offensive security before these hackers target you.

The other reason is obvious; with offensive security Sensitive information gathered can leak in security can be found and passwords and the financial resources (or crown jewels) of the company. You don't want that this data is disclosed or used maliciously.

That's exactly why you need offensive security only through reliable professionals. Professionals with a good reputation, an address that you can find on the website and the correct one standards frameworks. We are the reliable partner for your offensive security.

What form of offensive security is required within your company?

We always first look at the specific needs within your company. In some cases, a broad pentest is not necessary and a red teaming attack are enough because it involves a particular part of it the security. In other cases it is necessary to use a set up a complete plan to expose the vulnerabilities, for example when you have developed a new payment option and it must comply with numerous standards frameworks.

That is why there is no standard action plan for offensive security. The need differs from company to company and often it is also financial important picture before you can make a choice. That's exactly the reason why you would do well to contact us first take. We can then look together at the options available and which ones of the options for offensive security best suits your needs need.

We have everything in house to carry out tests and to attack your network, application or software, and we can even consciousness testing and improving the online safety of your employees. With that you can handle anything related to security and online safety leave us. We ensure that your network, software, applications, websites and backend are well secured so you can keep the focus on what is important within your company.

What are the costs of offensive security?

You will find different forms of offensive security on our website; all provided with prices om to be able to give a good indication about pricing. However, we always recommend having a tailor-made plan made for your company, so that the offensive security is adjusted according to the needs within your company. This can affect the prices listed on the website. Would you like to have a tailor-made plan make for your company or startup? Then contact us without obligation on, we would be happy to personally examine the possibilities with you are to test and increase security within the budget you set has.

Find out more or make an appointment right away

Would you like to know more about the options for using offensive security correctly to implement within your company? Then take a look at our website, where we tell you more about what we do and what the benefits are of our methods and approach. You can also choose to simply contact us directly. Based on your business, We then make a plan for applications, networks and other information adjusted to your needs, including a price on the quotation so that you know immediately what the options are that suit you.

Do you want to know more or do you have questions about our offer or the working method? we use, or do you want to book an appointment directly to discuss the options to take through? Please contact us so that we can take you personally further can help.