Why is security training so important?

Numerous companies invest heavily in security. Not just because it has to, but often also because it is important. You don't want your important data ends up on the street, or that a hacker uses the source code from your unique application or software. Despite the many investments, time and attention, it can happen that a hacker or other criminal gains access to environments where this can turn out particularly bad.

In that case, the crisis team or response team is ready to intervene. Unless the criminal isn't noticed in time, some more than once happens when the criminals gain access in a 'friendly' way. That's why security training is important, because often it is yours employees who ensure that the criminals can enter.

How is this possible?

When a criminal cannot access it directly get to your software, data or business, the hacker will do this on one try indirect way. The easiest way is to access through your employees, especially when they have no understanding from online security, hackers or phishing.

Often it only takes one attempt. Does your employee click on a criminal link or your employee tries to log in with their own username and password logging on to a fake website, then the damage has already been done. The criminals often have everything they need to steal codes, copy passwords or transfer sensitive company data to their own drive.

That is why it is important that your employees recognize risks, dangers be able to assess and learn how to better protect themselves. Not only because this is better for your company, but also because your employees can better protect themselves in this way, for example against identity theft or burglary of bank details.

Many people are still being hacked every day. This can be annoying when hacking into a gaming account, can be disastrous in losing of bank account management, and it can destroy lives when the identity is stolen by the hackers.

Is security training required within my company?

You often do not know about the online awareness security within your company. Your employees can know a lot about the risks and still fall into an easy trap. Or they answer that they know everything about online safety, especially about their job preserve. That's why offer a test. We send a phishing mail to your employees and monitor how many people click on the link. We also keep an eye on how much data is provided by your employees and in which case this would mean a critical situation for your company or your employees themselves.

We do not use the data ourselves. All data provided, are only used to make a risk assessment and beyond not. We operate exclusively in an ethical manner so that we can guarantee that your data, security and employees are always in safe hands are with you.

On the basis of the test, we can easily estimate together with you how the state is with the online security awareness of your employees. Is this below par or is there enough room for improvement? Then we recommend strongly recommend our security training. We will then draw up a plan together with you tailor-made, so that we can go through the options that suit your budget to fit.

What can you expect from our security training?

Since we work with security personnel on a daily basis went and online safety, we know exactly what hackers and online criminals are doing to gain access get to certain data, software or passwords. We don't know only what they do, we also know how hackers and cyber criminals think. And that makes a big difference.

We are happy to explain to your employees what they should pay attention to, which tactics are used and what the consequences could be for the online safety in its entirety. So not just for your company, but also for the safety of your employees themselves. That way awareness, your employees know better where to go and what to do if they suspect a problem.

Book your security training directly

Are you curious and do you want to know how aware your employees are the online security? Or would you first like to discuss the go through options, so that we can immediately start a security training for your employees? We would like to get in touch with you so that we can be able to personally answer your questions and go through the options together can take. Every business is different, which is why it is good to use the tailor-made online security issues to do this suits your needs and budget; also when it comes to security training.