What actually happens with a pentest?

Let's start with the fact that there is no standard pentest and that general pentest prices are impossible to give. Becoming pentests namely always adapted to the goals you have within your company. For example, you can choose to use only the security of a particular application, part of your security or the entire digital environment that you have secured.

Since together we can make this as wide or narrow as needed, the pentest prices and methods vary widely. In all cases, the basic setup the same. We put ourselves in the shoes of a hacker and try reach the target. That can get important information, cracking a password or gaining access to a server or the network in general. We use that of all the possible methods that a hacker or criminal would too use.

In fact, you are letting us in to keep malicious people out. We work completely ethically; we don't use the data we know and will never intentionally harm systems or software. For your own safety, we always recommend taking care of it for a backup before we start the pentest.

When do I have a pentest for my company?

You decide for yourself when we perform the pentest; as you has several security systems that will provide a warning it is useful to know when we will get started. Hence that we always discuss this with you.

You also determine in which business phase you want to have the pentest carried out self. For example, after upgrading the security, after an attack on your systems or when you have developed a new application that needs to be tested. Many companies also look for pentest prices as well possibilities to meet a certain standard. Sometimes because of this is mandatory in the sector in which they operate, others do this every bring in high-end customers who need proof of security before transferring data or money.

No cure no pay scheme

Have you just upgraded your security and think there is no way we can get in? Than we are a suitable party for you. We have a no cure no pay scheme. In concrete terms, this means that you do not pay anything if we do not find security vulnerabilities. The pentest prices are then not once relevant to you.

The no cure no pay scheme only applies to the testing of applications for specific customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can together can see if you fall within this group and we for an attack be able to prepare whether the security is indeed optimal.

What are the pentest prices nowadays?

A complete IT Security Subscription starts at € 2000 per month. Prices can differ per customer and per method; you can through our website directly request a quote for a customized price. You can at let us also perform one-off pentests; the pentest prices are depending on the method, what needs to be tested and how much hours we need to arrange the process from A to Z.

That's what you always get with WebSec; a complete process. We distinguish us from the competition by perfect guidance offer. With every pentest we will provide a comprehensive report and if the client wishes we can also deliver an Executive Report. This is how we can ensure that you know exactly where the weaknesses lie no matter your expertise, so both your development team as well as the executive can work with them. Obviously we can assist you with this so that you can be sure that you have a perfect security. Have you made the adjustments and do you want another have a pentest performed? Thanwe are happy to arrange this for a cheaper rate in consultation with you.

Is the pentest always the best option?

No, a pentest is a very comprehensive method used to test find vulnerabilities. Pentesters get to work with numerous ways to mount an attack and break in to make sure that the security is completely optimal. Practical, but that is a long time not always necessary.

That is why we would like to first look together with you at the possibilities that you have has. What should be tested? What is the purpose of the application, security or the system to be examined? In In some cases, a smaller test is enough, a limited pentest may be or should an extensive test to be carried out to be sure that everything meets current requirements. Together with you we look at the possibilities and we determine the best plan approach is.

More information about pentest prices

Would you like to know more about the pentest prices and would you like a quote size, so you know exactly where you stand? Then contact us on. We are happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote so that you can get exactly right knows what the options are and the costs.