How does a phishing campaign actually work?

It is often said that employees are the weakest link when it's about online safety and security. And there is nothing to it lied. You can perfectly protect your software and network, but when one of your employees accidentally leaks data (such as passwords), then security is hard to find.

Employees do not always do this consciously. In many cases have they don't even notice, even when it happened. Imagine before a particular employee has received a virus on the phone by downloading corrupt files and then using those phone logs into your corporate network. Then the turnips are done.

That is why it is important to allocate the knowledge among your employees let take. But how do you know if they have really learned from it? Than can be done by using phishing campaigns, because it shows for one how good the knowledge of digital security is.

What are phishing mails?

Phishing emails are a nasty way of hacking or collecting personal information. A clear message is forwarded in the mail message in which the recipient is prompted to click on a link. The recipient often masquerades as a bank, government agency or a company that gives away prizes.

When you click on the link, you will be taken to an external website. Often this is adjusted to look as reliable as possible. You always will asked to provide personal information, such as a password, a pin code, e-mail address or other confidential information. When you send the data, it will be sent directly to the sender of the phishing mail, who often use this data directly so that you can no longer make adjustments.

This can therefore also ensure that your company details are incorrect fall hands, or criminals can pose as an employee from your company. This is extremely risky, for small and large businesses.

How do we work?

We send phishing emails to your employees in consultation with you. Per mail is asked to click on a link, after which we click on an external one website to enter personal information. In this way we can find out exactly how much personal data left behind are by your employees and which data is shared with a unknown recipient.

We don't do anything with the information itself, but we do show what the consequences of sharing the personal information during a session with your employees. For example, we show you how online criminals can use the data in order to damage it address it to your company or the personal name of your employees have shared the data.

This is often a moment of fright for your employees, who do so suddenly realize how much damage phishing can do. That's how the phishing campaigns work. Your employees learn the consequences and we let them they also immediately see how they can recognize the emails. Because they end up by no means always in the spam filter, although it is thought to be.

Would you also like to set up a phishing campaign?

Would you also like to set up a phishing campaign to see how the knowledge of online security among your employees? Then take it Contact us. We are happy to provide a tailor-made phishing campaign your employees, possibly including a complete training around Security Awareness.