What exactly is phishing?

There are many ways phishing can be used by which a unambiguous definition can no longer be given. What all forms in common is that it is all about getting data (especially credentials such as passwords) in illegal ways. Below attacks on targeted individuals, phishing in bulk by one complete address file to write and whaling, where only senior persons receive an email.

Recognizing phishing was not very difficult before. You know probably the prince from South Africa who needed € 100 to get you one full inheritance. The mail from your bank with 600 spelling errors and a link to a website that didn't even resemble your bank's website. Or the request from the Tax Authorities for a substantial amount within 24 hours to avoid imprisonment.

Phishers didn't put a lot of effort into setting up an email or trap. They didn't have to; the concept of phishing was reasonable unknown, which caused new people to fall into the trap every day walked. In some cases the damage was a few tens, in others people lost thousands of euros, entire companies or their identity was stolen.

Is phishing still alive today?

Nowadays, when you look in your mailbox, you notice that most of them phishing mails get stuck in the spam filter. Handy, because on that most people know immediately that it is probably junk. This makes the 'simple' phishing attacks a bit out of date hit. Do you think this is the end of the phishing attempts, then however, you are wrong.

It is mainly the mails and messages that are not in the filters linger that do a lot of damage. The criminals have Increasingly, efforts are made to ensure that they have your data can get. For example by setting up emails that are not in the filters are caught. Or what about the text messages you get directly on your mobile? A phone call from a 'bank employee' or a 'business partner' where your details are asked for something just as quickly to arrange?

Criminals are not that easy to catch. Especially when it is involves huge sums that can be earned when someone in the trap kicks. As long as there are people who go wrong, the criminals work on their phishing to make money. All the more reason so to pay some extra attention to it as it is not the intend you to become a victim of this. Regardless of whether it concerns personal or business.

What is the risk of phishing for your business?

When we think of phishing, we quickly think of individuals who are the victims. Still, the risks of phishing are much greater than that. A criminal can after all also focus on your company. When you have security right has achieved this, the chance is small that the hacker will have immediate results has. However, you also have a large number of employees with few knowledge of online safety, the story will be very different.

One of the employees falls for phishing and provides it personal login details, then a door is open for the hacker. This can break into your network - via a detour or otherwise come. This means that the risk of problems is still high, despite the fact that your security itself was arranged.

That's why we ethically offer phishing to our customers. Together with you determine the approach. In most cases we send your employees an email, as a phisher would do. We will process a link in that email or any other way we ask for personal information.

Based on the results, we can clearly visualize how the knowledge of digital security for your employees. When many people fall for phishing, we work with you to create a plan to offer a course or training. That way we can ensure that your employees are more aware of the risks and the dangers of phishing and we ensure thatthey no longer have one endanger your business.

Many criminals engage in phishing on a daily basis. That's why we also deal with it every day. We know which tactics and strategies the hackers use and how they ensure the mails does not get stuck in the filters. Since we know what the criminals are when they deploy phishing, we can serve your employees well prepare and ensure that they do not allow hackers access to your company.

Find out more or book a call directly

Would you like to know more about the possibilities we can offer you to reduce the risk of phishing within your company? Then take contact us once; we offer various options for this various companies. Would you like to book an appointment immediately every options to go through together? Please feel free to contact us us so that we can help you personally.

Together we ensure that your employees are better protected against phishing. That is not only good for your company, but also for you employees themselves.