Why is Security Awareness so important?

You have properly secured the networks and systems within your company. YOU do not want to have data leaks. Do you also pay attention spent on the computers and telephones of your employees? Probably not, because that risk is often underestimated.

Does your employee log in regularly with personal devices on your network (for example the WiFi or a digital work environment), then this is a possible point of entry for a hacker. When your employees don't pay close attention to security and possible phishing and other tactics hackers, their devices are the weak links in the network. And that means risk for you.

There are several ways to deal with this. The best solution is to provide your employees with the knowledge they need to develop their keep your own devices safe. They can of course also acquire that knowledge use the shop floor, increasing the online security of your business significantly improved.

What can I expect from Security Awareness?

We offer Security Awareness as a kind of course or lecture. It is mainly about informing in a pleasant way. From experience we know that people will remember the most of the information and that is in your favor. Our enthusiastic experts talk about the possible risks that your employees run every day, what the consequences could be for your business and their own accounts and personal information. It also clearly explains what your employees can do to themselves better to protect.

We also give a glimpse into the world of the hacker. Why hack these people? What are they after and how do they select them victims? We also discuss the technical and practical side of it IT security, so that your employees actually know where they are be able to get started to reduce the risks.

Always tailor-made Security Awareness

The need for Security Awareness can be different at large companies than with small or medium-sized companies. Not just the number employees is important here, but so is your degree of education personnel and the nature of your business. That's why we always deal with you first in conversation, in order to put together a tailor-made plan together. The personal approach ensures that we always keep your employees Security Being able to offer awareness that matches the needs and the circumstances. That way, the information is relevant at the same time for all attendees.

What do your employees learn during Security Awareness?

Your employees learn to recognize risks and know after Security Awareness of what to do when there is a data breach. They are also in able to recognize hazards and act appropriately when there are potential problems have arisen within the network. We take care of it that this is done in a fun and pleasant way, so that it is one attractive and interesting course.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities, the prices or how we provide information about Security Awareness? Then take especially feel free to contact us, so that we can take you further personally help out.