Vulnerabiality Disclosure Program

Leverage robust cybersecurity with WebSec's Managed Security Services, our comprehensive managed solution for coordinated vulnerability disclosure, offering proactive threat detection and strategic incident resolution to fortify your security infrastructure.

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What is a Vulnerability Disclosure Program?

Vulnerability Disclosure Program is a strategic initiative that empowers external cybersecurity enthusiasts to identify and report potential vulnerabilities, thus ensuring a multi-layered defense strategy and cultivating a stronger digital security presence for organizations, making them more robust against threats.

Harnessing the collective expertise of the cybersecurity community through a Vulnerability Disclosure Program fosters mutual trust and fortifies defenses. It's a proactive approach that ensures companies are always a step ahead, addressing weak points before they can be exploited by adversaries.

The benefits of Vulnerability Disclosure services

Proactive Threat Detection - Our service offers constant monitoring, spotting potential security incidents before they pose a significant risk to your infrastructure.
Efficient Incident Management - We handle all stages of incident management - from initial report and validation to remediation, freeing your team to focus on core tasks.
Expert Guidance - Our expert triage analysts provide insightful remediation suggestions to bolster your security measures and prevent future vulnerabilities.
Transparent Communication - We facilitate clear communication with researchers, maintaining a responsible disclosure policy that encourages the reporting of security threats.

Why choose Vulnerability Disclosure Program by WebSec

Key features
What to expect
Commonly reported vulnerabilities
Key features

Key features

Explore the vital components of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure, a suite of key features designed for proactive threat detection, efficient handling, and strategic vulnerability remediation and disclosure.
Ensuring proactive threat detection and neutralization.
Analyzing and validating security incidents with precision.
Implementing effective solutions to rectify vulnerabilities.
Streamlining dialogue with security researchers all over the globe.
Encouraging a secure ecosystem through reward distribution.
Upholding stringent disclosure guidelines for enhanced cybersecurity.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Process

Our systematic approach to coordinated vulnerability disclosure and security.


First a security researcher will find a potential vulnerability in your system.


The researcher then writes a report and submits it through our system.


The WebSec Triage Team will monitor for new reports and validate their validity.


The WebSec Team will work on a solution and work hand-in-hand with the developers on a solution.

Optional Reward

Depending on the Program agreements the clients wishes we can now reward the security researcher for reporting the issue.

You are Secured

Congratulations, you have prevented a data breach and your system became more secure!

70%Discover more vulnerabilities

In 2020, besides pentests, over 70% of disclosed vulnerabilities were identified by outside researchers, thanks to the implementation of a responsible disclosure policy.

40%Nearly half of all reports are High Risk

In 2020, a significant 40% of all disclosed vulnerabilities were of high severity, indicating they could potentially lead to severe damage.

+30%Participation Growth

In 2020, there was a 63% increase in the number of active cybersecurity researchers, indicating a surge in interest and engagement in responsible disclosure programs.

Vulnerabiality Disclosure Program FAQ's

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What is a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD)?
A Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) is a structured process geared towards the responsible dissemination of information concerning system vulnerabilities. It fosters collaboration between organizations and security researchers, allowing for a collaborative environment where vulnerabilities are analyzed and rectified in a secured manner. By leveraging a CVD, businesses can work proactively to enhance their cybersecurity protocols, safeguarding critical data and infrastructure.
How does a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) enhance cybersecurity?
What are managed responsible disclosure services?
What can be expected as a primary deliverable from a vulnerability disclosure initiative?
How do CVD and VDP differ in their approach to vulnerability disclosure?

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