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Supercharge your digital security with our cutting-edge Pentesting Service. Our team of security experts will discover weaknesses, fortify defenses, and give your business the peace of mind it deserves. Stay steps ahead of hackers and safeguard your success with Pentesting by WebSec.

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What is a Pentest?

Pentest, short for Penetration Testing, is a cybersecurity method employed to identify, analyze, and rectify security vulnerabilities in digital assets such as applications, networks, and clouds. It helps in safeguarding IT infrastructures from potential cyber threats by offering insights into existing flaws and providing actionable strategies for enhanced security.

The benefits of Pentesting services

Boost Business Security - Penetration Testing improves your cybersecurity, safeguarding crucial data, and enhancing client confidence. It's a strategic move to enhance brand reputation and stave off cyber threats.

Identify Hidden Vulnerabilities - A Pentest provides a comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure, uncovering hidden vulnerabilities that automated security solutions might miss. This allows your security team to take timely action.

Compliance Assurance - Pentesting ensures adherence to industry regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS, minimizing non-compliance risk and demonstrating your commitment to robust security practices.

Enhance Customer Trust and Retention - Consistent pentesting showcases your firm's commitment to data security. This proactive approach fosters trust, boosts loyalty, and elevates customer retention, facilitating enduring client relationships.

Why choose Pentesting By Websec?

Key features
What to expect
Commonly Found Vulnerabilities
Key features

Key features

Unleash the potential of our Pentesting Services with a range of exceptional features designed to fortify your digital defenses, enhance threat detection, and provide expert guidance for secure systems.
Uncover common vulnerabilities and identify unknown weaknesses comprehensively.
Receive tailored remediation advice for each finding to strengthen security.
Manual testing by security experts ensures comprehensive component coverage.
Access detailed and actionable pentest reports for informed decision-making.
Simulate real-world attack scenarios to uncover hidden vulnerabilities effectively.
Ongoing support from cybersecurity experts for continuous security improvement.

Highest Quality Pentesting

WebSec is dedicated to upholding the standards of the CCV-Pentesting Trustseal, a testament to our commitment to cybersecurity excellence:

CCV Standard Compliance: Our penetration testing rigorously aligns with the CCV's stringent requirements for comprehensive security evaluations.

Norm-Conforming Documentation: Each test is meticulously documented, adhering to CCV norms for transparency and precision.

Guaranteed Quality Testing: Clients are assured of receiving top-tier penetration testing services, validated by our adherence to CCV standards.

Expert Team with OSCP Certification: Every security specialist on our team holds an OSCP certification, ensuring depth and expertise in our testing processes.

Vulnerability Assessment Types

Discover the variety in our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services, each crafted to address specific security needs. Our suite of tests is aimed at uncovering and mitigating vulnerabilities across your network, web, and applications, ensuring a robust defense against digital threats.

Web Application Pentest

Web Application Pentesting is a systematic assessment of web applications to uncover vulnerabilities, identify security risks, and ensure the protection of sensitive data from potential attacks.
About Web Application Pentest

Infrastructure Pentest

Infrastructure Pentest involves evaluating the security of an organization's network, systems, and infrastructure to identify weaknesses, assess risks, and enhance overall protection against potential threats and breaches.
About Infrastructure Pentest

Wireless Network Pentest

Wireless Network Pentest is an evaluation of the security of wireless networks to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and enhance protection against unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data transmissions.
About Wireless Network Pentest

Mobile Application Pentest

Mobile Application Pentest is a process of evaluating the security of mobile applications to uncover vulnerabilities, assess risks, and fortify defenses, ensuring the protection of user data and preventing unauthorized access.
About Mobile Application Pentest

IoT Pentest

IoT/Embedded Device Pentest is an assessment of the security of Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded devices to uncover vulnerabilities, assess risks, and strengthen defenses against potential attacks and breaches.
About IoT Pentest


ICS/SCADA Pentest is an evaluation of the security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and enhance protection against cyber threats.
About ICS/SCADA Pentest

Penetration Testing Boxes

black box illustration

Black box pentest

aka close box penetration testing

Mimic a true cyber attack. Zero access or internal information. Most realistic.

However, Black Box tests are often time consuming and more likely to miss a vulnerability.

black box illustration

Grey box pentest

Combination of black and white box testing

Assess an organization's vulnerability to insider threats. Some internal access and internal information.

More efficient than black-box and saves on time and money. No real cons for this type of testing.

black box illustration

White box pentest

aka open box penetration testing

Simulate an attack where an attacker gains access to a privileged account. Complete open access to applications and systems

More comprehensive, less likely to miss a vulnerability and faster. More data is required to be released to the tester and more expensive

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Pentesting Methodology

In the face of cyber threats, a proactive and thorough evaluation is essential. Our Pentesting Methodology offers a comprehensive frameworks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities, ensuring system security and robustness.

our pentesting methology
Gathering information icon

Gathering information

We commence by meticulously collecting vital information regarding your web application's architecture, going through server details and functionalities, establishing a strong foundation for the upcoming penetration testing process.

Threat modeling icon

Threat modeling

In this phase, we craft detailed threat models to identify and visualize potential attack paths, aiming to architect a defense strategy that safeguards your essential assets and fortifies against cyber threats.

Vulnerability analysis icon

Vulnerability analysis

Next, we employ sophisticated tools to conduct a thorough vulnerability analysis of your application, offering a panoramic view of your security landscape to discern and catalogue potential points of weakness.

Exploitation icon


Here, we undertake real-world attack simulations in a secure environment, leveraging identified vulnerabilities to gauge the possible extent of damage and depth of unauthorized access to your system.

Post exploitation icon

Post exploitation

Following exploitation, we concentrate on safeguarding the compromised channels and restoring system security, with a directed focus on averting future breaches and reinforcing your application's resilience.

Reporting icon


Concluding our service, we furnish a detailed report encapsulating the vulnerabilities detected, along with informed recommendations to bolster your web application's security infrastructure moving forward.

80%Pentest Success Rate

CyberEdge Group reports around 80% of pentests identify critical vulnerabilities, showcasing pentesting's vital role in cybersecurity.

10%Cybersecurity Spending Increase

Gartner predicts a 10% annual rise in global cybersecurity spending, reflecting the escalating focus on cyber defenses and resilience.

68%Cyber Attack Frequency

The Ponemon Institute reveals that 68% of organizations faced a cyber attack last year, underlining the urgent need for strong cybersecurity.

Pentesting Whitepaper

Uncover vulnerabilities and enhance your security posture with our Pentesting whitepaper. Explore expert insights and strategies for effective penetration testing.

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Pentest / Penetration Testing FAQ's

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What is pentesting?
A pentest, short for penetration testing, is a simulated cyber-attack conducted on a computer system, network, or web application to identify and assess its security vulnerabilities, helping to bolster its defense capabilities against real cyber threats.
When should a business conduct a pentest?
Why is pentesting an effective cybersecurity strategy?
How does a pentest differ from a vulnerability scan?
What methods are commonly used during a pentest?
What are the benefits of pentesting for my business?
How can organizations identify a trustworthy Penetration Testing (Pentest) organization and what qualifications should Pentesters possess?

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