Phishing Campaign

A simulated and controlled phishing attack campaign, intended to assess an organization's resilience against email-based threats. An excellent tool for understanding vulnerabilities and areas needing improvement.

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What is Phishing Campaign?

Phishing Campaign is both an educational tool and a security audit, assessing an organization's vulnerability to deceptive cyber tactics. By simulating real-world phishing attempts, it uncovers potential weak points within an organization's human resources.

Analyzing the results of a phishing campaign offers organizations a clear roadmap to bolster training efforts, sharpening the collective acuity of the workforce and turning them into vigilant cybersecurity advocates.

The benefits of Phishing Campaign

By mimicking actual phishing attempts, organizations gain insights into genuine vulnerabilities, allowing for targeted defense strategies.
Experiencing phishing attempts firsthand significantly enhances training outcomes, ensuring long-term retention of countermeasures.
Identifying weak links early allows for precise training, fortifying defenses and reducing susceptibility to real attacks.
Regular campaigns instill a culture of alertness, ensuring employees remain vigilant against evolving phishing strategies.

Why choose Phishing Campaign by websec?

Key features
What to expect
Supported Phishing Types
Key features

Key features

Explore our Phishing Campaign features, designed to fortify your organization against malicious phishing threats. Equip your team with the essential knowledge to recognize and counteract phishing attacks effectively, safeguarding sensitive organizational information.
Realistic Simulations
Comprehensive Participant Selection
Customizable Campaigns
Expert Guidance and Collaboration
Data Analysis and Detailed Reporting

Phishing Campaign Approach

In the era of relentless cyber threats, safeguarding corporate integrity is vital. Through our 6-step approach, we meticulously train and assess your team's response to phishing attacks, cultivating a culture rooted in vigilance and cybersecurity awareness. Explore each phase for fortified resilience.

Objective Setting and Planning

Defining clear objectives and setting the legal parameters to ensure a secure and responsible phishing campaign.

Phishing Email Design

Developing personalized phishing email templates using realistic scenarios that mirror your organization's communication style to enhance authenticity.

Participant Selection

Carefully selecting a diverse group of participants, considering various roles and hierarchies to create a well-rounded test environment for the phishing campaign.

Campaign Launch

Launching the phishing campaign meticulously, overseeing the real-time responses to gauge the initial cybersecurity awareness level among the employees.

Data Analysis

Analyze the campaign outcomes rigorously to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and to provide a groundwork for substantial improvements.


Deliver comprehensive reports offering valuable insights derived from the analysis to inform future cybersecurity strategies.

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Estimated Pricing

  • Price per email€ 5
  • Prep cost € 500
  • Estimated total3000

+90%Phishing Attacks

According to various cybersecurity reports, a significant portion of cyber-attacks initiates through phishing emails. This illustrates the crucial role of email as a vector for cyber-attacks and the importance of securing it.

+30%Increased Frequency

The pandemic saw an unprecedented increase in phishing attacks as cybercriminals took advantage of the shift to remote working and the general climate of uncertainty.

1 in 3Success Rate

This statistic shows that a significant portion of consumers have fallen victim to phishing attacks, indicating not only the scale of the problem but also the need for solutions that can protect a wide range of individuals, not just organizations.

Phishing Campaign FAQ's

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What is a Phishing Campaign in the context of cybersecurity training?
A Phishing Campaign is a tailored cybersecurity initiative where we design real-world simulated phishing attacks to assess and elevate your workforce's responsiveness and readiness against phishing threats. This campaign spans a gamut of elements, including cultivating general security awareness and bolstering defense mechanisms against sophisticated ransomware attacks.
How do we achieve a high degree of realism in the phishing emails used in the campaign?
How are deliverability issues with new domains addressed in a phishing campaign?
What strategy is employed in determining the participant list for a phishing campaign?
To what extent can a Phishing Campaign be customized to an organization's needs?
What variety of phishing tests are accessible in a phishing campaign?
What is the advised frequency for conducting Phishing Campaigns?

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