Security Subscriptions

Continuous monitoring and protective updates for systems. This service ensures your systems remain defended against evolving cyber threats by providing consistent updates and preventive measures.

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What is a Security Subscription

Security Subscriptions are continuous agreements providing businesses with tailored cybersecurity solutions. These services offer a mix of real-time monitoring, alerts, and proactive defenses, adapting to evolving threats and safeguarding digital assets round the clock.

By opting for Security Subscriptions, businesses ensure uninterrupted vigilance against digital threats. This sustained commitment to cybersecurity offers peace of mind, as companies can focus on growth knowing they have a reliable, adaptive shield guarding their digital realm.

The benefits of Security Subscriptions services

With our Security Subscriptions, 24/7 monitoring becomes the norm. Emerging threats are promptly detected, ensuring rapid responses and minimal exposure to risks.
Our adaptable security subscription models suit various budgets, preventing significant financial drains that can arise from handling severe security breaches.
As cyber threats constantly evolve, our subscription services adjust to guard against the latest risks, guaranteeing up-to-date defenses.
Gain immediate access to seasoned cybersecurity professionals, ensuring guidance, and support whenever challenges arise.

Choose your package

IT assets are protected. Our experts assess the state of security of the client's information systems, identify weaknesses and inconsistencies.

Red Team as a Service

1000.00/ m
excl. VAT

Purple Team as a Service

1750.00/ m
excl. VAT

Blue Team as a Service

1000.00/ m
excl. VAT

Our plans

Red Team as a Service

Red Team

Most Popular

Purple Team as a Service

Purple Team

Blue Team as a Service

Blue Team

Monthly Insight Reports
Dedicated Account Manager
Encrypted File Sharing System
Vulnerability Analysis
Continuous Vulnerability Scans
Firewall Monitoring & Response
Emergency Breach Support
Vulnerability Disclosure Policy Monitoring
Certification & Compliance
Ministry of Healthcare
DigiD Normenkader 3.0
Other Included Services
Code Reviews
Code Remediation
Red Teaming
Social Engineering
Security Awareness Training
Phishing Campaigns
Mystery Guest
Additional Information
Monthly Credit Hours
12 Hours
24 Hours
12 Hours
Minimum Contract Period
1 Year
6 Months
1 Year
Plan Cost
1000/ month
1750/ month
1000/ month

Red Team as a Service

1000.00/ m
excl. VAT

Purple Team as a Service

1750.00/ m
excl. VAT

Blue Team as a Service

1000.00/ m
excl. VAT

Why choose a Security Subscription

Standalone projects can be costly, especially for one-time services. Need continuous monitoring or year-round protection? A security subscription offers comprehensive solutions. Explore 6 reasons why a subscription might be perfect for you.

Cost Efficient

Invest in top-tier security without depleting resources. Our subscription model ensures premium protection at a fraction of typical costs. Prioritize safety; economize expenditure.

Dodge penalties

Stay ahead of regulatory sanctions. Our security subscription helps you remain compliant, warding off penalties and legal repercussions. Safeguard more than just data.

Flexible Terms

Choose a 6 or 12-month contract, based on your needs. Unused hours? No worries! They roll over, amassing for larger projects. Our security subscription provides genuine flexibility without pressure.

Year-Round Security

Continuous vigilance is our promise. With a year-round subscription, experience uninterrupted security, detecting and combating threats before they escalate.

Improve & Maintain Reputation

In the digital age, reputation hinges on security. Safeguard your brand's trustworthiness with our dedicated protection, preventing breaches and public relations nightmares.

Peace of mind

Rest assured with consistent surveillance. Our security subscription means experts are perpetually on guard, ensuring threats are identified and thwarted in real-time.

Security Subscriptions FAQ's

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What is a Security Subscription?
A Security Subscription is a model where clients commit to a fixed, often discounted, rate for continuous cybersecurity services over a predetermined period. This approach ensures consistent security monitoring and provides flexibility and savings compared to standalone projects.
When do you need a Security Subscription?
Why should you choose WebSec as your security subscription partner?
How does a security subscription differ from a one-time project?
How much cheaper is a subscription compared to your normal rates?

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