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Traineeship Cybersecurity (master’s or PhD level)

Job TypeOther
Job LocationAmsterdam
Communication MethodHybrid
Base Salary1500 EUR / MONTH
Job Description

About WebSec
WebSec is a start-up cybersecurity company in Amsterdam.

We offer a range of offensive security services such as phishing campaigns, responsible disclosure managed service, threat hunting / red teaming, and of course penetration testing.

Describing activities
During the Traineeship at WebSec you will be working with us for one year where you will be in continuous training, turning you from a security enthusiast into a security professional.

Just to name a few of the activities

- We will get you involved during pentests; you will get to develop hands-on experience together with senior security specialists at clients, therefore improving your work experience.

- You will be studying a great portion of your time for Industry leading certifications such as OSCP, OSWE, OSEP and OSED; this will further develop your skillset and increase your value both for yourself as well as for us and our clients.

- Work on Research & Development projects for our Red Team, this can be Python but we mainly work with C and C++ so basic intermediate knowledge is expected of our Trainees in software development.

- Work on obtaining multiple CVE numbers

- Work on obtaining multiple Responsible Disclosures (We encourage this kind of side activities, any rewards is for your to keep.)

While at WebSec we like to help our Trainees as much as possible and bring them to the next level we do have some expectations.

- You must obtain OSCP, OSWE, OSEP and OSED in a single year.
- You must already have a Masters or PhD
- You must have proficient social and communication skills in both the Dutch and English langages.
- You must have a proven understanding of coding languages such as Python, C and C++
- You must be able to show a Certificate of Good Conduct (Rare exceptions can be made to this if you will be able to obtain this within one year again)

After Traineeship (A first year at WebSec)
After the traineeship if you met all our expectations then we will offer you a permanent contract after which we will try to contract you to one of our clients where you will be able to obtain independent work experience for an average duration of one year.

This could be for several function names:
- IT Security Specialist
- IT Security Engineer
- Penetration Tester
- SOC Engineer

Within this time you will be working 40 hours are our clients, and gain a significant amount of new work experience all while being fully employed by WebSec.

You are now an official employee and get all the perks that you can find in our other job vacancies for the function 'SOC Engineer' or 'Penetration Tester'.

For any questions about this Traineeship feel free to contact us through the contact form on our website or send us an e-mail at

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