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Security Audits

Penetration Tests

As the world of IT develops, the risks within computer systems continue to grow. The sector of the community, which accesses computer systems with malicious intent, continues at the fore front of this ever advancing field. Those in the cybersecurity industry, are constantly on the lookout for potential problems within IT networks, in order to solve these issues.

As responsible business owners try to keep their networks safe and secure, an awareness of vunerabilities as they occur is important. By penetration testing these systems regularly, cybersecurity specialists are able to detect possible vulnerabilities and flaws, and are able to develop solutions.

Employing a cybersecurity specialist to perform penetration testing on a computer network, can enable a business to remain secure from potential cyber intruders. Vulnerabilities can be found in a range of system, application or configuration settings. They can also be found in end-user behaviour or in the security policies of a business.

A successful pen tester, will employ a range of assessments, on the IT systems of a business, in order to break into the system, with the owner’s permission, to develop a more secure business.

Security Products

Software Cryptography Solutions

Most modern businesses handle vast quantities of sensitive and personal information. For a business to be trusted within the global electronic market, that sensitive information needs to be protected. Whether it is a database of client details, or the financial transactions of the business; it is the responsibility of the business to protect that information.

Business data, often stored within a server at a specific location, is also stored within a cloud environment. That same data is accessed by employees on the move, and it can be difficult keeping business data safe. Sensitive business data is often encrypted to provide a level of security to the data.

Software cryptography specialists are accomplished at developing unique and secure solutions to meet the data security needs of a business. These experts know that one solution does not fit all. By analysing the needs of each business, a bespoke data encryption solution can be crafted to meet the needs of a specific business. Providing a secure and encrypted business environment, and a range of other cryptographic solutions.

Breach Investigation

Digital Forensic Services

When a computer or a network has been used in a criminal activity, or has been penetrated maliciously, the device or system will need to be examined to determine what has occurred. Where a computer has been hacked, there can be several kinds of damage performed to the device.

Data could have been removed, enabling access to sensitive information for later use. Information on the system could have been changed, causing data corruptions to occur, leading a business to make incorrect decisions.

Hackers can also leave software hidden inside the computer system. These programs can exploit vulnerabilities within the system to cause data corruptions. Some programs can enable access to parts of a computer system, or can gain control of the entire system, enabling a hacker to spy on all aspects of a company.

Digital Forensic specialists are skilled at searching computers and computer networks, to determine what damage has occurred. They are able to document, in detail, what has happened, and are usually able rectify the problem, to provide a safe and secure device. These specialists are also able to trace cyber predators and those involved in cyber stalking.

Security Awareness Training

Social Engineering

‘Social engineering’, one of a hacker’s best tools, is often the easiest to be deployed; and also one of the easiest to overcome with a little security awareness. One of the easiest ways to gain access to a computer system is via the human element. As people are liable to forget information, or because of their innate curiosity, they are able to be deceived into giving away their personal access to a computer system.

Because passwords are often chosen to allow us to remember them easily, they are often drawn from personal experiences within our lives. For those who would like to gain access to someone’s computer, these malicious individuals, will often research the personal details of the intended target's life, and then draw potential passwords.

Although most active computer users have heard of phishing, curiosity is often still the downfall of many users. The risk to a computer system, through clicking an unknown email link or by providing personal information to a verification webpage, can be unlimited.

Through security awareness training, people are able to become more conscious of social engineering attempts. Often a company’s computer security policy will attempt to make an individual aware of social engineering, but without enforcement, a business may be at the mercy of its well-intentioned employees. Employing ‘Social Engineering’ specialists to provide training can help to make a business a more security conscious environment.

Malware Analysis

Reverse Engineering

When a computer has become infected with malware, it becomes a security risk to all users, and to a business. Experts in malware analysis, are able to detect what malware is installed, how it is behaving, and how it connects within a given network. They are able to clean the system, and reverse any damage done. Analysing the malware enables the reverse engineering specialists to provide defences against further attacks. These malware analysis specialists are able to set up honeypot's, to trap those with malicious intent.

Details on services


Website audits

We test the security of your website


Network audits

We test the security of your network



We support all technologies in the field of IT. Servers include Windows, * nix, MySQL / MSSQL, PHP, ASP.NET, ISA, TMG, IIS, Apache, etc


Software audits

We test the security of your software


Ethical Hacking

During the audit we seek responsibly for vulnerabilities to attack techniques such as these are also used by hackers



After each security audit, you will receive a clear reporting


Why an audit?

In order to be certain that your network, website or software is protected from hackers.


Security Professionals

All audits are conducted by certified security professionals with eg CEH, ECSA and LPT by EC-Council.



Well in advance is an audit been planned. At the time the audit begins, you are aware here. No unexpected situations will arise.