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secured bywebsec.nl
secured bywebsec.nl
secured bywebsec.nl
websec.nlyour cybersecurty partner
This website's security is no longer being audited by websec and may be exposed to vulnerabilities.
company basic data
organization name:
Example Inc.
web home:
audit information
Domains Audited:
example.org, admin.example.org
badge expired:
just now
summary of audits:
Security Audit completed, all findings have been resolved.
certificate title:
VA/PT Certificate
certificate summary:
This is to acknowledge that Your Org has successfully conducted and passed the in-depth security audit by remediating the found vulnerabilities during the penetration test.

With vanilla script tag

Copy and the paste the below code anywhere in your html. Replace <YOUR_CLIENT_ID> with your client ID.

<script src="https://websec.nl/badge_embed/websecbadge.js" defer></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://websec.nl/badge_embed/style.css" />
<div id="websec_badge" data-clientid="<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>"></div>

With bundlers

We export a renderWebsecBadge function from https://websec.nl/badge_embed/websecbadge_exports.js.
You can import however your build system supports url imports. One way would be like below

<!-- import and bundle the stylesheet according to your build system to minimize network overhead -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://websec.nl/badge_embed/style.css" />
<div id="BADGE_ROOT"></div>
export const render = async () => {
    const { renderWebsecBadge } = await import(

    /** renderWebsecBadge(target: HTMLElement, cliendId: string, options?) */
    renderWebsecBadge(document.getElementById('BADGE_ROOT'), '<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>')

/** run render() preferably after page load */

With React/Preact

You can use the same renderWebsecBadge function described above with a little patch

import { useEffect, useRef } from 'react' // or 'preact/hooks`

export function WebsecBadge() {
    const ref = useRef()

    useEffect(() => {
            ({ renderWebsecBadge }) => {
                renderWebsecBadge(ref.current, '<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>')
    }, [])

    return (
            {/* again, import styles according to your build system */}
            <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://websec.nl/badge_embed/style.css" />
            <div ref={ref}></div>

Dark mode

We support toggling dark mode programatically, instead of detecting users preferance through media.

If you're using vanilla html/script, just add data-dark to your target element.

<div id="websec_badge" data-clientid="<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>" data-dark="yes"></div>

Alternatively, renderWebsecBadge function supports an optional isDark flag

renderWebsecBadge(document.getElementById('BADGE_ROOT'), '<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>', {
    isDark: true,