What is done in a DigiD Assessment?

With a DigiD assessments our hackers try to gain access to Your data. Yes, you read that right. We use penetration tests (pentesting) and ethical hackers to protect your environment to test. We do this not only for the DigiD assessment, but also for other online environments, such as applications and websites, plus links or infrastructures.

If our hackers can gain access, we immediately know that the security is not in order. Your environment then needs adjustments. After the DigiD Assessment you will of course be provided with a report.

How does the DigiD assessment actually help my company?

Getting hacked may not sound like a good plan. Yet that is it does when done by ethical hackers. We take care of it namely for the weaknesses of security and network become visible. We translate this into a clear and clear report, so you know exactly what to work with.

In doing so, we always ensure that we understand the urgency of the adjustments indicate in the report. Some security issues have a very high urgency, because they make your network insecure. Other adjustments are important, but may have less urgency. This one adjustments can then be postponed in the somewhat longer term.

How does hacking work during a DigiD assessment?

Our ethical hackers are creative hackers with a lot of creativity. Which means that they can also find access in well-secured systems. Just like real hackers would when hacking. You can on it calculate that different ways and strategies are tried to gain access during the DigiD assessment. That way you can be sure your network is optimally tested. If our ethical hackers don't the chance is very small that other hackers will succeed.

Which companies is this suitable for?

We always state that online security is particularly important to all companies. Smaller companies are often attacked because they pay little attention to online security. Hackers then use the network to attack other networks from your environment.

However, with a DigiD Assessment it is a bit broader. Have it and renewing an ICT Security Assessment is mandatory when a DigiD environment is offered for visitors and customers. The organization that sets the requirements for this is Logius. WebSec is aware of all requirements and works according to the standards so that we can assure you that everything is fine when we are ready.

You have two options. You can choose to have it tested on only the minimum requirements. That is the option that is chosen most often. You can also choose to let us do an extensive investigation so that we can test in depth where possible leaks can be found in your security.

You choose what suits you best. Not sure what is best suits your company? You can always contact us. We look personally at your company, the DigiD assessment and the needs arising from your online environment. This way you will get WebSec always exactly what you need.