Why Red Teaming makes the difference for your company

You have established protocols within your company to resolve problems with the prevent, detect and resolve security. There are plenty of them capabilities such as antivirus programs, malware protection, a complete crisis team and so on. However, it often turns out that this is not enough. During a real attack on your digital environment, because it is possible to act quickly to solve bigger problems appearance.

Your Blue Team can only learn what to do by deploying in a real attack. Of course it is not wise to wait until you have to deal with hackers launching the attack. It using Red Teaming is much smarter; the organized attack continues your Blue Team on alert, without any risks for your websites, applications and software.

Red Teaming from WebSec ensures complete security online environment is tested. Not just the security software, however also the responses of your Blue Team and the knowledge in your company is present.

We map everything out during the Red Teaming. That way you know exactly what works well and where extra attention is needed. In this way you avoid unnecessary expenses for software that already works fine for instance.

What can you expect from Red Teaming?

Our team consists of creative experts. The knowledge and experience of our experts cumulate in a targeted attack on your online environment. Thereby uses numerous attack modes, such as attacks from the internet, penetration testing, social engineering and many others options that seem like a good solution for our hackers at the time.

It's up to your Blue Team and online security to be our ethical hackers to stop. Even if this fails, there is nothing to worry about. Our hackers leave no damage and on the basis of a comprehensive report, you can trace exactly what was successful during the attack and where you should pay extra attention to your online security or response team.

For which companies is Red Teaming suitable?

You may feel that your company is too small for Red Teaming. That is a common misunderstanding. Even if you have a smaller company, you are vulnerable. In fact, hackers know that security in your company is likely to receive less attention than at the larger companies. Even when the hackers are not after you sensitive information, you are a suitable target. That way hackers attack others from your digital environment networking, where the breadcrumbs lead back to your business.

That's why we recommend Red Teaming to all companies that have a digital have a (work) environment. The Red Teaming costs always outweigh against the benefits. What happens when your online environment is cracked and then large-scale damage is done for you company, your customers or companies worldwide from your network?

At WebSec we always offer tailor-made solutions. Even if you have a has a smaller company (or a very large company with several online environments), we are happy to put together a tailor-made plan after the interview. Contact us for more information about the security services that we offer for your network, digital environment and software applications.

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