Wait, are security awareness training really necessary?

You can devote a lot of time and attention to the safety of your business. For example, by using encryption, setting up protection against attacks and equip all devices with the correct ones security software to avoid problems. That is already making good progress on the dike, but it is not the whole story.

In many companies, the employees are weak links when it comes down to security and safety. The moment your employees don't pay close attention to what they do, open and share, it is namely an enormous risk with regard to the safety of your website, server or sensitive data.

That can take a much bigger approach, for example when a criminal can get to your passwords, your address file or your financial resources. That's why security awareness training is are essential in a variety of companies.

Realize well; when a criminal fails to contact you directly can break, it will try with a roundabout way. When your employees have little awareness of online security, they are the open door that the criminals need to get in.

What are the risks actually?

Security risks can always be found somewhere. When your employees have to log in to the software or the server regularly, then there is a risk that things will go wrong. This also applies to the systems which does not require any login and that is often forgotten. When an employee is logged on to the WiFi and opens or falls a phishing email for the tricks of a criminal in time, the hacker can fairly easy to break into your network.

From that point the gate is over and an experienced hacker can enter cause massive damage for a short time. That is exactly why it is good to prevent this. Healing afterwards often takes a lot of time and the damage is not always reversible.

The risks are not only in phishing, although this often is mentioned. Downloading unreliable software, using personal passwords for the corporate environment and losing Phones are also risk factors that are easily within threats can fall.

What about security awareness within your company?

You train your employees to perform their functions in the best possible way feed. Extra training, education, the possibility to take courses to follow; chances are you are considering or have already implemented it within your company. That way your employees perform better and they feel more appreciated.

Have you considered security awareness training as well? Great chance of not, because this is often missed. Yet it is only logical. It awareness about online security and safety is not innate. It has also been increasing in recent years degree has become more important. Criminals and hackers do not sit still. She are constantly thwarted (by software and companies like us company). As a result, they make adjustments to the strategy and tactic to find new ways and try to get to your data or get hold of the source code.

We also see among employees who are well aware of the risks therefore frequent mistakes. Online security awareness is one dynamic, especially when criminals are busy with new ones on a daily basis think of ways to break in.

Before recommending our security awareness training courses, we can draw up a plan together with you to assess the current situation is within your company. We will then send your employees a phishing email. In the mail we place a link, which leads to a website in us management. We monitor how much information your employees provide to us so that we can then submit a report on youmake ns.

Of course we do not use the data that your employees provide to us provide. We also ensure that the information is never contained in the wrong hands. We only do this to see how the current situation in your company is with regard to awareness around online security. Based on the data and reports we then prepare tailor-made security awareness training courses for your company.

What can I expect from security awareness training?

During the security awareness training courses we explain your employees Explain the risks of security vulnerabilities, problems with phishing and hackers trying to gain access to your network. The Security awareness training courses aren't just aimed at you company; The training courses are also special for your employees themselves fit. After following our security awareness training courses your employees can also better defend themselves against hackers at home and criminals. Theft of identity or loss of financial means by clicking on the wrong link are then out of the question, making your employees at home and at your company much safer.

Book your security awareness training directly?

Do you want awareness about online security in your company? to improve your company safety and the safety of your employees to improve? Then contact us today. With our training courses security awareness, you can be sure that this can be done correctly.

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