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Get expert feedback on your code with our Code Review service. Our experienced developers will analyze your code for bugs, efficiency, and best practices, helping you improve your software.

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What is Code Review?

Code Review is a systematic examination of software code, aimed at identifying potential security flaws, errors, or vulnerabilities. By scrutinizing each line, experts ensure software robustness, resilience, and maintainability, aligning with the best coding practices.

Engaging in regular Code Reviews ensures software quality, security, and performance. It's not just about finding errors but elevating the entire development process. By investing in thorough code assessments, businesses ensure reliable, secure, and efficient software delivery.

The benefits of Code Review services

Code reviews allow teams to spot potential security vulnerabilities in the code, ensuring robust protection against breaches and cyber attacks.
Regular reviews instill a culture of secure coding, encouraging developers to adhere to security best practices and guidelines.
Code reviews provide a layer of quality control, enabling detection and rectification of bugs, design flaws, or performance issues before software release.
Code reviews foster a collaborative environment, facilitating open discussion among developers. This interaction also strengthens the team cohesion, leading to more productive and effective coding practices.

Why choose Code Review By Websec?

Key features
What to expect
Code Review Checklist
Key features

Key features

Mystery Guest service offers covert security testing, in-depth vulnerability detection, proactive defense enhancement, and insightful recommendations for your business perimeter security.
In-depth analysis of code changes, ensuring security robustness.
Certified experts delivering reliable and professional code review services.
Utilizing sophisticated tools for precise and effective code examination.
Code assessments ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations.
Clear reports with actionable insights to enhance security.
Continuous support with assistance and follow-ups post-review.

Supported Coding Languages

Embrace the versatility of our Code Review platform. Supporting Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Swift, Go, PHP and more, we ensure every coder finds insightful and constructive reviews, regardless of their language preference.

Code Review for PHP

Elevate your PHP development with our comprehensive, expert-led code reviews. Boost efficiency, readability, and performance, ensuring your code is always top-notch.

Code Review for Java

Transform your Java programming with our detailed, expert-driven code reviews. Enhance readability, efficiency, and overall performance, taking your code to the next level.

Code Review for Python

Elevate your Python development with our in-depth, expert-guided code reviews. Enhance readability, efficiency, and performance, ensuring your Python code excels.

Code Review for JavaScript

Boost your JavaScript development with our thorough, expert-led code reviews. Increase efficiency, readability, and performance, perfecting your JavaScript code.

Code Review for Rust

Advance your Rust development with our comprehensive, expert-guided code reviews. Improve efficiency, readability, and performance, making your Rust code robust and reliable.

Code Review for C & C++

Elevate your C/C++ development with our detailed, expert-driven code reviews. Enhance efficiency, readability, and overall performance, ensuring your C/C++ code is unrivaled.

Types of Code Review

black box illustration


A combined approach utilizes the findings from a pentest report to analyze only specific areas in the code where security vulnerabilities are known to occur.

  • Time and Cost effective
  • Complementary Expertise
  • Streamlined Remediation
  • Targeted Analysis
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White box

Analyzing the entire code, every line and every function through manually and automated testing.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Fine-Grained Vulnerability Detection
  • Customized Assessments
  • Deep Understanding

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Code Review Steps

IT assets are protected. Our experts assess the state of security of the client's information systems, identify weaknesses and inconsistencies.


Define the goals and scope of the code review, including performance, security, readability, and adherence to coding standards.

Pre-Review Prep

Wij bieden superieure IT Security diensten door werk van onverslaanbare kwaliteit.


Wij bieden superieure IT Security diensten door werk van onverslaanbare kwaliteit.


Wij bieden superieure IT Security diensten door werk van onverslaanbare kwaliteit.


Wij bieden superieure IT Security diensten door werk van onverslaanbare kwaliteit.


Wij bieden superieure IT Security diensten door werk van onverslaanbare kwaliteit.


In a study conducted by OWASP, it was found that code review can reduce the overall cost of fixing security vulnerabilities by up to 85%, indicating the cost-effectiveness of proactive security practices.

83%Mitigating Risks

A report by Synopsys states that 83% of security vulnerabilities in software applications can be resolved through code review, emphasizing its effectiveness in mitigating security risks.

30-40%User data protection

According to a research paper by Carnegie Mellon University, organizations that regularly perform code review as part of their secure development process have a 30-40% lower rate of security breaches.

Code Review FAQ's

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What is Code Review?
Code Review is the systematic examination of source code, intended to find and fix mistakes overlooked during initial development, thereby improving software quality.
When do you need a Code Review?
Why is Code Review effective?
How does Code Review differ from a Pentest?
What are the deliverables of a Code Review?
How long does a code review take?

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