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EduRansW - Educational Ransomware Simulation Tool

A Safe-to-Run Ransomware with intentional vulnerabilities, meant for educational purposes such as reverse engineering in order to learn how to make decrypters or hacks for insecure ransomware's. Publisher: WebSec B.V. Developer: Hidden Version: v1.0.0 SHA256 (EXE): - DB807E193D6E1E6FCA3FAE0C03E09A49A95C831F4C95D3AFC3E3EFBA4DD696C2

STUN Connections Monitor (STUNMon)

A simple tool based on ImGui which intercepts STUN traffic in order to disclose users IP address on secure chat applications. Supported Applications: Telegram, Signal, Session Publisher: WebSec B.V. Developer: Denis Topor Version: v1.0.2 SHA256 (EXE & DLL): - 649d53344b37d9cc50328e74fc8dcaa0fb9220196a80501bff72b270a634dedb - 92eb4081d61468f48c5d7ebac1a102a7fde94830e1e63e568ea90169d4ff7df1

WebSec PGPSuite

A simple and easy-to-use PGP tool for Windows which includes everything you need to get started with secure communication and encrypting files in one simple package. Publisher: WebSec B.V. Developer: Koen Blok Version: v1.0.0 Build: stable SHA256: 2FC798EB83476DD95CC4E6AF7AE7F9106F3AF0A1AB53863F752CD53B0220E690