At Websec, we offer many solutions in order to help you make your business a more secure environment for everyone. Please find out more about our knowledge and services.

Our Products

Our Products

Websec offers a wide arrange of solutions to make your organization a secure environment. These are some examples of our services.

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Security Audits

Enable your business to remain secure from potential intruders by setting up penetration tests in order to find vulnerabilities.

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Incident Response

When a computer or netwerk was penetrated maliciously, the system has to be examined to determinate what has occurred and what the damage will be. Our digital forensic specialist are skilled to do so and therefore able to trace predators.

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Malware Analysis

A computer infected with malware may very well be a great security risk for your organization. Our experts are able to detect what malware is installed to prevent it from doing any more damage.

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